Turtles All the Way Down, 2018

An examination of the infinite.

Brevity, 2017

A tiny plaything.

Play it here.

Gliding Through the Trees, 2017

A meditative, generative forest. The player may click to contribute to the space in some small way, or simply let the environment wash over them.

Play it here.

PhD: Year One, 2016

A short series of reflections from my first year of undertaking a creative practice-based PhD.

Play it here.

Take That, Ya Lousy Dimension!, 2016

A remake of a virtual environment featured in a classic episode of The Simpsons.

Play it here. Video here.

Looking Back, 2015

Part folio presentation, part artist statement, Looking Back is an explorable virtual museum of my work thus far.

Video here.

Broken Space, 2015

A playful exploration of perspective and virtual objects. Placed in an abstract art gallery, the player is free to pick up, rotate, and scale the various objects in the environment to produce their own digital sculptures.

Video here.

Sai's Quest, 2015

Join Sai on his epic quest to fulfil an ancient prophecy, claim his destiny, and save the world! Battle through fierce enemies, devious puzzles, and stunning environments in this deep and thrilling RPG- with a twist!

Video here.

Twelve Worlds, 2014

Originally produced as my Honours project, Twelve Worlds takes the form of a series of small virtual environments which interrogate the various technical, affective, and conceptual forces which interact while exploring a 3D digital-virtual space.

Video here.

MetaHeroes, 2013

A co-operative platformer about a game designer who gets trapped in his own game. This was a group project, and I served as game designer, level designer, UI designer, art director, and producer.

Video here.

By Moonlight, 2013

A unique shoot-'em-up, produced in collaboration with another artist. You play as a moth exploring a peaceful backyard by night. I served as designer and programmer.

Video here.

Shades Descending, 2013

A fast-paced action game where you play as an angel falling through the pits of hell. This was also a group project, and I served as game designer, level designer, encounter designer, and producer.

Video here.